Sunday, June 7, 2009

A night with chiu chou cuisine

To put forth, food matching is quite a difficult task for chinese dining, owing to its cultural difference. 正宗潮洲菜 has loads of gorgeous cuisine: fresh fish, sweet sour pork, bayleaf chicken, lo shui goose platter, satay beef & gai laan... all displayed simultaneously on the table. Unlike western cuisine, which you can match 1 dish with 1 wine, in fact it's quite impossible for
us to enjoy 1 wine with all food...

Below are the wines provided by an uncle generously for the meal:

Mount Mary Yarra Valley Pinor Noir 2004
- pinky red colour
- kerosene, plum,blackberries
- quite lengthy, strong tannin but spreads quickly in mouth
- breathe for more than an hour and still feel that it needs further breathing
- looks young and can still age for quite a while

Chateau Beausejour St. Emillion 2000

- Typical St. Emillion merlot flavour
- easy drinking, balance palate, perfect drinking wine
- not french lengthy wine, but thick and dark
- blackberries flavour, plus hint of pencil lead
It's not those very outstanding kinda unique wine, yet from its structure and the complicity of wine, it would definitely be at the high rank, now wondering if it's the 'obvious' intention of the winemaker to achieve higher score in RP rating? (93 points)

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