Thursday, June 11, 2009

Decanter - Bohemia Decanter

Bohemia Decanter , my First Decanter.

Randomly wandering around wine cellars in Olympics, Central, TST, Wanchai, looking for decanters for beginners, i.e. cheap, reasonable price, won't cry even if i break it etc...

SO there it goes, I bought the Bohemia Decanter from Czech, just because it's $280 for 2 wine glasses & a decanter, given that the thickness of the glasses is reasonably thin (not those terrifically thin) and the decanter seems having a huge opening which looks similar to what I've seen in TV (oops/...yea, not professional, but pretends to be :P) , then few hrs later at home, I realize why the shop looks so familiar with the one I saw in Olympics and the price are similar.

INDEED!!! they are the SAME SHOP!!! stupid me~
In fact at home, my dad gave me s. african ($69) wine which was opened few days ago to practice, and it's amazing, even my mom who doesn't know that I was swirling round the wine still be able to sniff it from the kitchen.

And more alcohol and oxidized it is after swirling, the decanted wine has more alcohol content than before and the flavour stands out!~ Amazing~~~

I will practice more with water in bottle so that I can disguise as crappy waiter serving the wine next time, lol

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e_ting / e 婷 said...

woohoo! then you can be like the guy in gouttes de dieu! ying ar! hehe


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