Friday, June 26, 2009

Wine tasting @ JW Marriott by ASC wine

6:30 - 10:00pm in JW Marriott

Gorgeous ballroom in Marriott, professional serving of wine.

Bisecting the Wine Fair into 16 sessions, by wine region so that we can have a distinct exposure of the characteristics of the wine with various origins.

The entrance laid with very informative reception, once we open the door, it was superb crowded, i almost got bounced back!!!~ The age range and the nationality is so wide that I had a feeling of how wide the coverage of wine world can be, taking even a further step of mind to explore in this wine world.

Looking into every eyes of the sales of each counter, you'll be able to tell who are the enthrusiastic wine sellers. They would be proactively telling you how the winemaker is making the effort in producing the wine. You will be able to tell who is really taking wine into their heart, who is only making money for family.

Surprisingly that night, we could only find 2 tables that has glamourous wine, after trying 40 wines.
One of them we've found a treasure cabernet sauvignon, which I always find it difficult to find an extremely nice bottle without having its price marked up, to be only $78!!!
And the dessert wine is very crispy and transparent as well, nice celery taste, pretty unique dessert wine from california.

You can't imagine. The entry ticket is only $20!!! Unbelieveable~ I would prefer the ballroom to extend the area of wine fair, as they are only making use of 1/3 of the area in which it's totally empty for the rest of the part. If it is more spacious, the waiters would feel a little bit more convenient in changing the wine glasses for us.

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