Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wine Walk 2010

雖然今次Wine Walk 並不是在Lan Kwai Fong 舉行,是在灣仔星街。最近碰巧在Classified 附近逛逛的我依然抱有期望。2-6時,應該不會醉吧,最重要: 千萬不要跑,否則血液循環上升! ~
所有門票現已sold out,希望我的朋友記得留了位置吧。大伙兒愛酒之友,see you there~


Karumen said...

wah~ u hv a new look in the blog bor :D u edited the html n such?

Parlor said...

Nope, it's jus becoz blogspot has a new function of employing those new blog interface and outlook ar. Check it out at the blogger draft in your dashboard


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