Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vero - The chocolate liquor night

Adventure to Vero Chocolate. Indeed an adventure as I still could not figure out the "right" way to Fenwick Pier without jay-crossing the highway, lol.

Apart from Venezula 70% Cocoa drink with dazzling cocoa beads, apple thyme; honey mustards seasonal chocolates, opera etc...they have the chocolat bar lounge!!!

Every thursday night is the Ladies night to enjoy ranges of dessert wines / cocktail / wines made with chocolate. Imagine you have a series of Sauternes, Tokaj, Muscat...and you just wanna find a cozy place corkage fee with chocolates to company the treasure. Here's the choice.

With 500ft outdoor private lounge with seaview or 2000ft indoor lounge in front of the chocolate sculpture production desk, fancy enough to get my attention.

Vero Chocolate
1F Fenwick Pier, Kiing Lung Street, Wanchai ,Hong Kong
Tel: 25595882Sun - Mon: 10am - 830pm
Tue - Sat: 10am - midnight


Karumen said...

oh didn't know they hv a ladies nite! is that like a cheaper rate or sth? i must go there~~

Ross said...

I didn't know they had no corkage charge. That's an excellent idea. BTW, jay walking is just crossing the road, so I reckon that is the right way to vero.


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