Sunday, May 11, 2014

Shafer 思福酒庄 - Favorite USA Chardonnay ever 最「美」的霞多麗

Again, some old stories. Want to mention it as I so wanna buy it for next Wine class,
however the shop is under renovation, sad that I don't know where to get it.

2 years ago summer, was taking a family getaway trip to Napa Valley , where we once dined
in Bouchon - the 2 Michelin Star restuarant, for... night snack.
What a full scale of bookings that they are extending us to the night snack session starting at 10pm.
Yes, 10 pm. I recalled clearly we finished around 1am that night.

Food are not that decent, they can't be called a meal as it's just random dishes available.

So we ended up appreciate the oysters and Chardonnay pairing the most. Or this is just the effect of compare and contrast? Already too tired to tell.

Deep gold colour, some tears after a swirl. Nose is full of pineapple and mineral, huge bouquet right below the nose. You can tell how full body this is. Typical American style. 
Balanced acidity and med+ alcohol, creamy and stickiness on minerality, exotic fruits, vanilla and apricot note and oak surfaced. With such a long length that perfectly matches the mineral and creamy based oysters, it glimmered our night snack. Sparkles! Believe that's a good quality wine that can last for 8-10years.

Desperately looking for it when back in Hong Kong. Found one at a wine shop in Kowloon Bay $531 vintage 2008, however currently under shop renovation.
Anyone find this elsewhere? Please let me know thanks.

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