Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vineyard Visit - inside view of Adelaide Hills

Well, this is nothing about the inside story of whoever's family, not even tiny about the history how a family owned vineyard grow the vines to become the gold trophy of whatever competition.

This is about life of running a vineyard through lens.

Most of the vineyard owners in Adelaide are retiring from lawyers, doctors. Instead of having a very commercial display at the frontdoor, like Robert Mondavi or D'arenberg. (Will elaborate the art / magic of it in separate blogpost).

This looks village like, and that's how I love it. Homely, family run. No need to hide, no need fancy. Well, while I am taking these photos, owners were out...wide open. Friend open arms~

You can see the busy life running the vineyard, from:

Clearing the webs from vines...

Pasting labels

Doing the finance
Taking pictures for webpage display
Not that they have time to make a good outlook for their trophies!!!

They'd rather put focus onto handmaking the brands with wires

Workplace with a view like this...

That is what impresses me working in the vineyard. This is reflecting the true meaning of life, coordination with nature and enjoy what is growing from the deeds in the hill.

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