Monday, July 29, 2013

Around the world in 10 sips

Opening the cellar: Errazuriz Gruaud Larose; Llyod; Monbuesquet, Krug...
Namely a series of fantastic collections.

Reluctance to drink, coming from within: Can't finish -> Leave it till tomorrow -> Declining -> $ wasted...
Strong withdrawal, cellar door closed by demons.

Have been thinking of several options to avoid the forementioned:
1. Get everyday wine (throw same $ to sea)
2. Half bottle: better option, yet my thirst level hasn't reached that yet

Shop around lately in IFC, Amo Eno is a digital menu ordering bar selling wine bottles and accessories for wine geeks like me. 

Place with good deal in Languiole chic glassware, corkscrew and Wine Samples!!! 
Current offers are limited to California wines. Guess old world may not like it as they are all screwcap, yet for taster like me, I would buy a set home.

For a snail home the sample set is good pick as miniature display, authentic consumable collectables. Perhaps worth more than the stamps later (US is using stickers instead of
stamp now. Hinting the loss of value in old stamps?)

Well, who told you product design doesn't matter for wine? Though you can't tell what it tastes like from the design of the bottle, the product outlook matters.

Recalling my last trip to Mornington Peninsula where I went to a vineyard called "10 minutes by tractor" for wine dinner. The appetizer pairs with tasting sample of latest wine issue, in TESTTUBE form! Impressive that I actually brought it home.
This is such a good way of showing customers every bit of the vineyard, especially for those in Australia where buying various land planting different vines are common practice. The presentation of test tube depicts the meaning of "testtube" the best combo of the vines.

Dining experience at 10 minutes by Tractor

If there is a sample set created, I would like to order a set called "Around the world in 10 sips".

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