Friday, October 3, 2008

Pontet-Canet Pauillac 1996

Fortunately I have the company of wine from father while I am finishing with the final touch of the puzzle :P

Tasting Part:
The alcohol content is told right from the nose, it covers all other fruits and scents. When it touches my tongue, the blackberry taste is very strong, after taste lasts quite long, yet the feeling of watery is still there.

For me, if I discover such a conflict of watery wine with long after taste, I would make a conclusion that this kinda wine needs to air longer, or it just isn't the right time to drink, needs more maturation. (Plz, sommelier, correct me if I am wrong...)

Till last night, my dad was still enjoying this wine, so I approached him and asked, "how was it, shd be better, right? coz it has longer time for 'air'..."
"No, it tastes like vinegar now, coz it 'over-air' ... it's not yet a wine, you know, that's why I invite you, just becoz one person can't finish a bottle in one night, or u wanna get killed by mom..."
Well, that's how I earn the taste of wine, Dad. Seems that wine-tasting can't be carried out alone, isn't it?

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