Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alsace Wine Fair

Sep 2010
Happy Valley Racecourse

Around 30 wine importers joining the event.

Generally the wines are not as impressive as last year, both the quality and the service.

Since Hong Kong has become the port with zero wine import tax, wine merchandisers start setting countless campaigns and wine dinners, boosting up the atmosphere as a wine cosmopolitan.

This however drops the quality of wine service and product quality. Providing wine without testing whether they have turn bad; pouring wine not to the glass yet all over the table, the service is still not up to standard.

Among all 29 counters, only 3 are up to average service and product standard: concord, maxxium and ASC Fine Wines. The organizers may consider better screening to retain the reputation of wine fair quality. Also a need on beverage service training can still be observed in the industry.

Looking forward to the Wine and Dine Festival at Kowloon promenade in Oct 2010. A more variety and a bigger test for Hong Kong to bring ourselves up to international standard. Step Up!

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