Monday, June 13, 2011


Housewarming is often a good occasion to share wine.

Exotic: Coffin Bay and Tasmania oysters, Alaska crab
Jusco: shrimp sashimi, muscles
Home cooking: cheese cube in potato mesh ball, shredded mushroom spaghetti, lemon pepper n herb chicken wings

1. German sparkling
2. Alsace cremant
3. Chateauneuf du Pape
4. Cantamale
5. Errazuriz
6. Macmillan 12 years

Sparkling matches better with lighter taste seafood
Cremant with finer bubbles tastes more mineral made create acid to muscles
Chateauneuf du Pape often is a mixture of at least 7 types of grapes, would be good for mild taste food like pork and chicken as it will feels like melting pot
Cantamale has 3 stages of taste: vanilla opening, leather mid taste and smooth berries at the end, need to decant at least an hr advance
Errazuriz has strong plummy punch and very long finishes, unlike Aussie wine which don't necessarily have such a strong finish t the end
Macmillan: 1L is very hard to finish among 5 of us, hence like sake we hare the malt bit by bit. Smoother than regular black label, with malt smell, yet not as smooth for 12 yrs, if you have tried 15,18, there's still a distinction in terms of vigorous alcohol chuck

This triggers me a thought. Is it only until the moment you drink that you decide to buy a wine? If not, for people who kind of have built up their own preference, will there be otter method to urge them buy new wines?

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