Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wine of the day #01 - Prosecco Fossato

Don't envy. Yes, this is an extra dry sparkling wine from Umbrio -- Prosecco. Goes well with Chinese dish. Slightly creamy, sizzling in the mouth. Not too citrus. Excellent with so-called weird chinese food like preserved egg "皮蛋".

This wine unlike champagne, adopting charmat method, 2nd fermentation under stainless steel, less expensive in production. No wonder, it looks like the $2xx - $3xx wine, it's cost is around $70!!! It is one of Bellini's component as well.

Dominantly for local consumption. In recent 2-3 years, they are also available for production in new world countries such as Argentina, Brazil etc.

Prosecco can appear in another form -- CAN. They will be called Frizzante instead. Il Paese that I introduced previously also have these Can sizzling wine available.

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