Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gathering 3: Italian Wine Gallery - Wine & Oyster "Buffet"

Nil promotion at Langham Hotel. Worth me an hour to search online for more information on this randon invitation from my colleagues & wine buddies. Afterall, it is only a soft opening of the event through the tea buffet in lobby lounge.

$258 + 10% including 10 italian wines including parma ham platter.

Artist, Artist, Artist. Despite pondering the museum and exhibitions, how often can you appreciate their paintings? Yes, you can still amaze yourselves through wine bottles with those capture of paintings. They are neither forged nor street hawkers' kinda thing. They are just representing fushion of arts: Wine & Arts.

1. Casntina Tollo "Madregale" Bianco Terre di Chieti IGT 2008
    (90% Chardonnay 10% Trebbiano) Abruzzo
    Quite flat and thin.. Typical Chardonnay.

Paired with Irish Rock Oyster ($38)
- Oyster itself is slightly sweet and creamy. Wine looks crispy and acidic when matched with this oyster

2. Cantina San Marziano "Trefili" Pinot Grigio IGT 2009
     (Pino Grigio) Veneto)
    Very Acidic,  long aftertaste, ends with a vanilla touch. Stronger character than the first.

3. Caruso e Minini "Terre di Giumara" Grecanico Sicilia Bianco IGT 2008
    (Grecanico) Sicilia
    Sicily is not very famous for growing vineyard, therefore it's really rare to drink this kind of wine grape.
    Crisp and green nose, apple note.

Paired with Tasminia oyster ($38)
- Similar to what I had in Tasmania. Savoury, juicy and creamy petit oyster.

4. La Stoppa "Ageno" Malvasia Biane Emilia IGT 2005
    (60% Malvasia Aromatico  20% Ortuga 20% Trebbiano) Emilia- Romagna
   Faulty Wine. Misty body, strong hint of rubber & cork, tea colour. Mould flavour, sweet.
   First time notify the fault wine. Yeah~

5. Toscolo 2005 Chianti Classico

85% Sangiovese 10% Cabernet Sauvignon 5% Merlot

Wood, leath, peppery. Dry acidic, strong tannin, can last a bit longer, for aging. (oh, DOCG~)
In the middles, we are served with the parma ham platter, cheese and so on...

6. Castello Romitorio Morellino di Scansano DOCG 2007

    85% Sangiovese 15% Cab Sauvignon) Toscana

Celery (My fds don't believe me, it's like celery juice!!!) Opened for too long, therefore a bit bitter cherry
flavour, nothing like the description...

Only the DOC / DOCG wine with paintings

Warm tone, family, calmness. Sight depicting with hope yet doubt with uncertainty. Still, the family has the tendency towards future driven by their curiosity. The masculinity shown in the painting match with the structure of the wine. The leather and tannin indicate how much the wine can age, just like the bonding of the family.

7. Castello Romitorio Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2007
Strong scent of blackberries & leather; Strong balance, velvet finish. I am very sensitive to leather as I often caught in the dilemma of it. I hate the note, yet I somehow know that leather would lead to nice and balance wine...

Painting indicates the brother twins setting on a boat escorting their little brother away from stormy wave.
The booklet describes it expresses the tradition is the base to groom the innovation. Just like those baby industry needs protection from the foundation industry and open policy.
The little brother is the symbol of the wine.
My thought would be it's the young wine struggling for survival from the tradition yet have to grow under lots of criticism. Luckily protected by its heritage, it manage to get its way through.

8. Castello Romitorio "Romito del Romitorio" Sant ' Antimo Rosso DOC 2006
(60% Sangiovese Grosso 20% Cabernet Sauvignon 20% Cannaiolo Nero) Toscana

Depicts hermit step out of the hermitage. 1st wine production.
Warrior from the wild, prepare to fight and he is all well equipped.
Wine: gamey, spice and tar note. Coincide with the wild, raw, and rough image on the painting.

9. Marlbourough Highfields 2007 (Replacement of out of stock Barbera D'alba)
      100% Pinot Noir Hint of licorice and red cherries. Mild body, very different style from Italian. Less rough. calm and peaceful wine.

10. Natale Verga MOscato D'Asti DOCG
      Moscato from Piemonte  All-time best wine for picking up girls~
      Flowery, honey comb. Concentrated flower scent. Bunch of citrus bubbles. Nice honey finish.

Special thanks to Geoff's recommendation and introducing us to the world of Oysters. Don't wanna dwell into another hell See how happy we are trashing and messing around the hotel...oops...
P.S. Thanks for Sze's photos


Karumen said...

Yummmmm oysters look good!!!

Parlor said...

Yea, and they are really tasty. I think I prefer the creamy ones :)


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