Saturday, April 10, 2010

Italian Night - Dec 09

Italian Wine World – Conventional Wine World, yet its spark is often concealed by its neighbour – France.
This time we shall give it a chance to overthrow the century.

Oliver Wine 
Cascina Bruni Moscato d'asti $161
Caldora Abruzzo $128
Cascina Bruni Barbaresco $375
Masi Campofiorin $187
Barbera D’alba 2004 $158

Il Paese Canapes

Cheese Platter: Ham / Sausage Platter:
Provolone Piccante vs  Toscan Ham
Raschera vs Speck Asiago
Manchego vs Salami Nerone
Meatball Spaghetti

1st Wine: Barbera D’alba 2004
Flowery nose. Plummy. Jammy flavour. This is my favourite pick from last year’s Hong Kong Wine Festival. With less than $160, it is an outperforming other wine displayed that day. Well structured and balanced. Ready to drink.

2nd Wine: Caldora Abruzzo
Peppery and acidic. Not too well balanced. Overall speaking, still Barbera d'alba & Barbaresco are preferred.

3rd Wine: Cascina Bruni Barolo
Stronger structure than all other 3 wines. DOCG. Complex truffle flavour. Garnet with red rim. Wild berries, licorice and spicy finish. Strong tannin. Need time to mature

4th Wine: Masi Campofiorin
Masi is the brand strongly recommended by the supermarket sales, due to its price and according to our preference of strong fruity flavour. It pairs up quite well with the cheese platter, especially the Manchego, the wonderful marriage that stands out the cheese from the others.

Last Wine: Masi Moscato d'asti
Impressive. Easy drinking. Strong honey comb mixing with vanilla, yet refreshing and crispy. No wonder it has been depicted as the jewellery of woman.

However it is not a fair match with the icecream pie strongly recommended by the openrice supporters. Perhaps the dried fruits “engraved” in the ice-cream Spianata Piccante were not too juicy to be mitigated into the moscato. It turns out we prefer drinking moscato alone.

The fun of wine gathering is that everyone are trying to share their thoughts and opinion of the same bottle; exploring the flavours, ultimately confirming with the buddies who are sharing the same glass. Food matching is like putting different puzzles together and you’ll discover millions of combinations that will surprise you at the end.

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