Sunday, September 13, 2009

Small talk on Terrior

People always draw conclusions that the quality of wine is determined by -- Terroir.
True, majority I agree is from Terrior. When I learn that from a book, the critical point is that uncertainty is quite complex; multi Terrior related factors in guaranteeing a good wine.
Rainfall, soil, sunshine...they are all determined by God. For example, grapes gained most of the sunlight when they are planted on 45 degree slope, good irrigation, retainability of water in soil is crucial in affecting the vines growth etc. No wonder Wine is called "Dew of God".

Amongst all factors, the one which is so "inborn" and "destiny" one is the altitude of the vineyard. Even it is within the same village, or even the same chateau, the Terroir may not be the same, which gives the variety and the uncertainty to wine, even in Chateauneuf - du - Pape, you might bought the wine next to the cuvee one and got disappointed. (hope it doesn't offend anyone :P)

Those in temperate zone like France will benefit from its geographical advantages. Thus Australia and Chile earn the same benefit. From the atlas, you can tell, the upcoming one is...China.

The one with most branding now is "The Great Wall". I am looking forward to how much people would invest in China to supply more funds in the investigation of the potential in wine development in there. Should be something interesting ^^


Karumen said...

u know wut, the other nite i was chatting with my dad over this topic abt terrior/wine mkt in china! :O u think in years, can china hold a position in the international mkt??

Parlor said...

It's a long way to go, coz it's not a copying game. They have to adopt the technology of vine planting, the wine maker's making skills, branding, the scientific testing. Even Australia takes 30 years to make famous brands like Penfolds, Wolfbrass, Bass Philip etc. Machines are easy to mimmick though. It's the human talent and marketing needed. The upcoming one should be Chile & Argentina.

1st step I would think China can do is to improve their environment first, I don't want to drink dusty wine... >.<

Karumen said...

wahahahah dusty wine @_@!!! so horrible! then i need a paper filter b4 drinking :P

but yah i think both the tech, the environment, n esp the 'preceived prestige-ness' of the brand, n even the country as a whole for wine making! if u know wut i mean :P


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