Sunday, September 6, 2009

My first wine cellar

12 x Vintec Wine Cellar finally arrives~~~with 4 Hugel & Fils white wine :)

After unwrapping it, I try to put it in my window pane...oh yea, it's real.
It's stuffy, it's hot, but that's the only perfect place to make my room a bit...customized, a bit...myself.

The first thing I do my dad's cellar, retrieve all my wines and store that into my new cellar. Here it comes! shxx! The size only accomodates red wine, the v.v. traditional red wine bottle size, they don't fit the white wine bottles at all @.@

So I ended up stored all my red wine and petit red & white into the cellar~ And place my Stitch puzzle above the cellar.

My first wine cellar.

1 comment:

Karumen said...

or u could've just opened all the win that doesn't fit n drink it all!! :OOOOO


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