Monday, April 28, 2014

Branding grape varietal

We should be proud of Australian who are so cooperative and passionate about their grapes. They are not just loving it, they believe it.
In 10 years time Shiraz becomes a popular grape varietal that is well known across general Hong Kong citizens.
Given this is not easy to pronounce word (well slightly easier than Cabernet Sauvignon) and appear in different forms: Syrah, Sirah, people still relate Shiraz to Australia.

Great effort. Looking at other less known grape variety: Chenin Blanc, petit Syrah. They are with similar or longer history than Shiraz. Yet They have appeared in the market for quite a while yet without strong presence or coverage like supermarket and restaurants. They then can't beat Sauvignon blanc Chardonnay as easy drinking white.

Thanks to the power or marketing. Constant select as the topic on wine magazine, huge promotion on wine competition results, pair Shiraz with Australia. Good branding made image equivalent to history.

A further extention of this example is GSM - stands for Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre. Easy to remember, easy to market. Now most of the people will link the direct competitor of Australia with Rhone Valley, not the other way round. Again, power of marketing. The more union the winemakers in doing these, is this blue sea method?

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