Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What makes 1970 a memorable year?

Year 1970:
The Beatles broken up
- 1st floppy disk was invented
- World Trade Centre completed
- Peru Earthquake that killed 72k people
- Introduction of bar codes system

Each of them is equally remarkable.
Some of them embedded as people's turning point in life.
Some of them already vanished from today's society.

In wine industry, 1970 also marked as an advancement. 
Today, we are honored to taste two from our uncle:

Cos d'estournel 1970
Blossom after 2 hrs decanting
Colour: brick red, slight tears
Smell: Scented with acid, blackberries truffle, coffee bean, soggy wet wood.
Taste: gamey, flat, short aftertaste, med complexity, mushroom, truffle, black fruit, pepper
Conclusion: Not recommend. Even if so, drink quick as the peak passed in 30 mins after.

Grand vin deLeoville du marquis de las cases 1970
Colour: More garnet than the estournel.
Nose: Less acidic in nose. Violet, red berries, cacao, coffee bean.
Palate: well- balanced, soft tannin, good complexity.Red currant fruity longer length, Smoky taste
Conclusion: More structures and full body than d'estournel. However it also passed its peak, should drink 10 years earlier. Depreciate in 1.5 hours. 

We don't know whether these 2 wines have changed people's view on wine in the last decade, we know these 2 brands are still famous and their quality is still improving. Enjoy~

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