Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wine Dinner at French Table

French Table with Northern America Wine

Apperitif: Bread
Mcguigan Adelaide Hill 2009
Super fruity punch as a Gewurztraminer. Floral smell, typical girly type of wine. If you look for something more elegant than Alsace white, this would be the choice. However it is only available exclusively in the vineyard, therefore it may not be discovered in any retail shop.

Appetizer: Fois Gras with pear

Bottled in a silvery golden long tin. People might have a wrong idea that  this is the fireworks from Canada, or a university certificate from a brand ivy league Typical apple cider plus sparkling element. Plastic smell. Goes well with foie gras, creating a synergy that brings out the cinnamon flavour of the sparkling apple wine that ends with hint of vanilla. Self-effacing. Taste again for the remaining ones at home. It then has breadpudding flavour while the plastic smell has gone. Nice summer breeze drink for wine beginner.
Soup: Lobster Soup
Terredora 2008 Lacryma Christi Del Vesuvio Rosso
From Campania in Italy. Need to breathe longer. After decanting for 2 hours, it shows a smoother body. Intensely ruby colour, spicy and licorice overtone. Soft and elegant after long decanting,  with mature red fruit like plum. and pepper note.
Napanook 2007
Napa Valley wine by Dominus Estate, prestigous estate from France, the master from Chateau Petrus. Big Bordeaux character. Its 1994 Dominus was one of the greatest in the century.
Energetic and rich, filled with fresh cranberry, floral aromas, smooth tannins. Creamy on the palate, the wine is powerful. This vintage is one of the finest produced to date.
Main: Seafood Linguine with cream sauce / Beef Cheek grilled in brown sauce
Belle glos pinot noir 2009
Santa Barbara wine, grown from way very close to sea. The waxy bottle gave people a strong character. Jammy blackcurrant flavour. Best wine of the dinner. Seldom will be impressed by the jammy yet lengthy after taste, unlike the typical american wine that doesn't last long. Very consistent taste start from its dark ruby colour to the strong blackcurrant and plummy note, till the jammy punch of blackcurrant with long length. Ready to drink and can mature for 2 years, can't wait.

Dessert: Warm centre crunchy chocolate cake
Mission Hill Reserve Ice Riesling 2009 VQA
According to Canada, most of the ice wine seen in market are made from Vidal, which is easily grown and picked. Not until Canada put Vidal icewine on stage until it becomes famous. Vidal used to be illegal in EU countries. However talking about concentration and smoothness, Riesling would be a preferred choice. Chocolate cake goes better with wine than with red ice wine just because riesling taste more refreshing. Mission Hill Riesling Icewine is a bit typical caramel with biscuit nose, slight citrus and strong apricot note on palate. It lasts long in length with fine acidic end.
Paradise Ranch Ice Merlot 2008 VQA
Cherry, Chinese wine, raspberry in the middle, Vanilla end. Medium body with medium - alcohol. Like Chinese Medicine, nuts was brought out almost at the nd, still remain half ice-wine honey comb taste. Try again at home, it goes well with biscuit that has dry fruit and nut. Rare choice recommended by the wine sale in Canada liquor store claiming that Merlot is rarely chosen to be ice-wine material. Must try. (You can't tell whether it is rose or ice merlot from outlook *wink*)

Tea / Coffee
Impressive delicacy on choice of tea and coffee. Do not be disappointed by the scrapped menu, French table is providing wide range of Sri Lanka tea (impressed because my friend who have gone for business trip also shared with us same brand of tea) and Nespresso coffee with degree of 1 - 10 all set. Stunning.

$550 for 5-course meal and $330 for 7 wines = $880 --> It worths !!!

French Table
No corkage, keep supplying new wine glass and decanters. Chilled bucket for white and dessert wine.
Good service, frequent filling of water
Dim environment, accomodate 30 people at most.
Decent french food, typical french restaurant. Cute soup.

Address: Flat A, 9/F, Wing Lock House, 1-3 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Phone: 6372 3242 /6112 8116


William Tsui said...

great work you have here.... please don't stop... wish you have never-ending desire for good food and wine and keep posting them here!!!

Parlor said...

Thanks William. Trying to keep my writing moving. Your comments will be my motivation :)


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